Azula are a highly practical and you will smart strategist

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Azula are a highly practical and you will smart strategist


Azula know instantly you to definitely Aang wanted to secret the lady, advising Mai and Ty Lee to follow along with Appa’s actual walk whenever you are she fought the fresh new Avatar.

She was also a very studious woman. Given that youth, she try better-versed in her own state’s army records given that she properly recounted Flame Lord Sozin’s strategy into the a classic race. [13] She arranged a trap for Iroh and Zuko, that has been just happen to foiled by the captain away from the girl ship. [19] She instantaneously discerned the fresh new Avatar’s decide to mislead her with an effective not the case path. [20] She along with presented incredible fighting prowess in mastering the brand new martial arts of this lady foes, like the capturing breeze kick feature presented of the Aang facing the lady inside competition of bore. She imitated it when it comes to a sweeping flame kick during the lady battle with new Kyoshi warriors maintaining Appa, making use of one to proceed to avoid the lady battle with Suki. Into Kyoshi fighters in the long run grabbed, Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai utilized its robes, stealing their identities so you’re able to freely enter Ba Sing Se together with Environment King’s palace, birth this lady coup from the Earth King. That it coup are solitary-handedly orchestrated by the this lady, successful Ba Play Se to your Fire Country. [6] [7] Throughout the day out of Black Sunshine, she put a trap getting Aang and his awesome family using Dai Li agents about Fire Lord’s throne space, making certain that this new eclipse date could well be burned. [8] She along with demonstrated the capacity to feel therefore extremely with the capacity of lying efficiently you to even Toph could not feel it no matter how blatant the newest sit is actually, showing one to Azula didn’t end up being remorse to have sleeping or of a lot out of their most other steps. [8] She along with displayed an ability to see in the event someone was telling the way it is, claiming only you to definitely she is a “someone people”. [28]

Also beneath the negative effects of this lady mental disease, their laughter and you can capability to strategize weren’t completely destroyed, because even after being excess provoked by the Zuko’s taunts out of dreading their lightning redirection, she nonetheless you can expect to make a strategy to overwhelm her cousin from the setting out the new super during the Katara alternatively, hence been successful in devastating Zuko. The following year, she managed to make use of the results of chi blocking, which caused the woman body bones in order to become very versatile, to help you free by herself out of the lady restraints and you will out-of Zuko. Into some other celebration, she was able to conserve Group Avatar from a swarm from moth wasps that with a lightning ball to draw them owed on the extreme white.

Azula’s cleverness generated this lady really skillful in influencing some body. She used that it ability into the many subjects, and the girl cousin Zuko, [7] the lady mother Ursa, [13] Enough time Feng, [6] [7] the brand new Dai Li Sitios de citas de Women’s Choice, [6] [7] Sokka, [8] and also her father to an extent.

Other enjoy

Azula’s large-top skill inside unarmed combat are showed from time to time for the series. She with ease stopped Zuko’s frenzied blade attacks without having to use firebending, at the rear of their hands-off path. [19] Afterwards, she went on so you can disarm Suki and you can kicked the woman regarding the lady ft without flexing. [22] She also had certain skills which have invisible tools, because she suggested towards the using good shuriken blade during the eclipse. [8] Her acrobatics and employ from a low profile shuriken knife was indeed seem to skills she picked up out-of Ty Lee and you may Mai, respectively. [15] Azula was very agile once the she been able to run-up wall space and you can perform mid-sky twirls. She dodged Aang and you can Toph’s bending periods with little work playing with large leaps including Ty Lee, fundamentally and come up with Aang acknowledge she is too fast to hit. [8] This lady real fuel was also expert since the she you may would a good planche, supporting the lady muscles in the a lateral updates by playing with the woman fingers, with little efforts. [28] [29]

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